About us

Limited Liability Company “LMP” is established on 8th April 1992 – we are a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, which develops, manufactures and sells finished dosage forms for topical use – solutions, gels, creams and ointments. These are quality products effective for treatment of different kind of skin lesions, mucous membrane and upper respiratory tract diseases, as well as muscles pain and pain caused by trauma.

The manufacturing site of our company is located in Riga, 1 Vietalvas Street, in up-to-day maintained facilities.

New and powerful manufacturing equipment is installed in the manufacturing department:
• Reactor-blender for manufacturing of gels, creams and ointments;
• Reactor-mixer for production of solutions;
• Fully automated equipment for filling in of gels, creams and ointments in aluminium tubes;
• Fully automated equipment for liquid bottling;
• Half-automated equipment for packing of products.

The installed equipment allows to increase manufacturing volumes according to demand on the market and to ensure the highest product quality.

The first licence for manufacturing of drugs “LMP” Ltd. obtained on 27th October 1992. Since year 2004 “LMP” Ltd. comply with Good manufacturing practice (GMP) requirements, as evidenced by the obtained
Good manufacturing practice (GMP) certificate file_pdf.png.

On 24th October 2007 company obtained
Drug manufacturing licence file_pdf.png for unlimited period of time.

One of the most essential assets of the company is our employees, who are competent, educated and experienced. Key personnel of the company have obtained higher education in the field of pharmacy, chemistry and technology. Qualification of our employees is raised on the regular basis by participation in different training courses and seminars in Latvia as well as abroad.

Our company pays much attention to the quality of our products. Quality assurance system in the company is in compliance with the requirements stipulated by the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which includes quality control procedures of pharmaceutical products in all manufacturing stages.

We have our own Quality control laboratory, which forms a significant part of the quality assurance system, where quality control of raw materials and finished products is performed.

There are 20 product currently manufactured by „LMP” Ltd. 13 of them are included in the Register of medicines of the Republic of Latvia, 7 products are included in the LATMED data base of medical devices.

Products are sold in Latvia and exported to Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.