Permethrin LMP 40 mg/g gel

Pharmacotherapeutic group: agent for the treatment of scabies.

1 g of gel contains 40 mg of permethrin.

Therapeutic indications
Gel is indicated for the treatment of scabies infestation in adults, adolescents and children above 2 months of age. 

The active substance of the gel – permethrin – is an insecticide and acaricide for external use, it has insecticidal effect on many insects, including itch mite.

Doses and mode of administration
Permethrin LMP 40 mg/g gel should be left on the skin for 14 hours, but no less than 8 hours. The whole body should be washed thoroughly 8-14 hours after application. Permethrin LMP 40 mg/g gel is provided to use a once. A second application can be made not less than 7 days after the first application. If within 4 weeks there is no gain in health or is deterioration talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Package type and content
40 g of gel in the aluminum tube.

Consult a doctor or pharmacist regarding the administration of the medicinal product!
Carefully read the patient information leaflet or information on the package!