Ibuprofen LMP 50 mg/g gel

Pharmacotherapeutic group: non-steroid anti-inflammatory agent for external use.

1 g of gel contains 50 mg of ibuprofen.

Therapeutic indications
Pain due to joint and spine degenerative diseases, rheumatic diseases, inflammation and oedema, sports and community-acquired injuries.

The active substance of the gel ibuprofen reduces pain and decreases temperature caused by the inflammation. Excipient levomenthol excites skin cold receptors, thus constricting blood vessels and reducing inflammation, pain, itching.

Doses and mode of administration
2 to 4 g of gel should be applied on the painful area (surface area 400 to 800 cm2) and gently rubbed into the skin. Procedure may be repeated 3 to 4 times per day.

Package type and content
40 g of gel in the aluminum tube.

Consult a doctor or pharmacist regarding the administration of the medicinal product!
Carefully read the patient information leaflet or information on the package!