Permethrin LMP 50 mg/g gel with bactericide

Pharmacotherapeutic group: agent for the treatment of scabies.

1 g of gel contains 50 mg of permethrin.

Therapeutic indications
Scabies and accompanying skin infectious diseases in adults and children from 2 months of age.
Should be used in children only in accordance with doctor’s instruction!

The active substance of the gel – permethrin – is an insecticide and acaricide for external use, it has insecticidal effect on many insects, including itch mite.
The excipient added to gel - chinifuryl - has antibacterial effect on gram-positive microorganisms, in particular on pathogenic strains of staphylococci and streptococci.

Doses and mode of administration
Small amount and thin layer of the gel should be applied on the skin affected by scabies and rubbed into the skin. The patient should wash himself using with soap after 24 hours and change clothing. Repeated administration of the gel is allowed up to five times, if itching and infectious processes of the skin do not disappear or reappear and also if the new skin areas affected by the scabies appear.
Exposition time in children below 3 years of age is 12 hours. Repeated administration of gel is allowed once after two days.
Exposition time in children above 3 years of age is 24 hours, interval between repeated administrations is 1 to 2 days. Repeated administration of gel is allowed up to five times.

Package type and content
40 g of gel in the aluminum tube.

Consult a doctor or pharmacist regarding the administration of the medicinal product!
Carefully read the patient information leaflet or information on the package!