Virogel 3 mg/ 10 mg/g gel

Pharmacotherapeutic group: rhinologic agent.

1 g of gel contains 3 mg of heavy fractions of the pine needle essential oils and 10 mg of Silbiol.

Therapeutic indications
Viral etiology rhinitis (for symptomatic treatment) and prophylactic protection of airways against infections caused by nasal viruses and influenza viruses in adults and children from 3 years of age.

When gel is applied in nasal cavity, it delays the start of influenza infection, inhibits the proliferation of nasal viruses in nasal cavity, promotes constriction of mucosal blood vessels and decreases secretion and also produces cold sensation in the nose.

Doses and mode of administration
Thin layer and small amount of the gel should be applied into nasal cavity and by rapid inspiration through the nose deeper penetration of the gel into nasal cavity achieved.
Gel is applied every 4 hours for prophylactic use, and every hour – for the treatment of the disease.
Duration of the gel administration is 1 to 2 weeks; in case of chronic disease the treatment may be prolonged in accordance with the doctor’s instructions.

Package type and content
15 g of gel in the aluminum tube.

Consult a doctor or pharmacist regarding the administration of the medicinal product!
Carefully read the patient information leaflet or information on the package!